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TIBCO Now: Limitless
2021 Partner Keynote: Limitless Partnering

For partners, limitless means unparalleled partnerships, joint success, and unstoppable growth. When we work together we optimize how to solve the most challenging data problems. The 2021 TIBCO NOW Partner Keynote is a presentation created for TIBCO partners to learn about:

  • Exclusive insights about how to accelerate performance
  • New program developments
  • How to increase pipeline and customers' success
  • 2021 Partner Excellence Award winners

As one of the first stops on the TIBCO NOW agenda, the Partner Keynote is the perfect kick off for getting connected, engaged, and ready for this year's event!

Limitless Opportunity

Join TIBCO CMO Fred Studer and COO Matt Quinn alongside leaders from AWS and Schlumberger New Energy as they focus on the leadership, capabilities, and innovation of TIBCO technologies. Hear from some of the world's most compelling thinkers and doers, including Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna and Interplanetary Navigator Dr. Jill Seubert, about what Limitless has meant in their lives and its importance for the future of the planet and beyond.

Solving the World's Hardest Data Problems

TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman will speak on how visionaries intelligently frame and address incredibly challenging problems, focus on what matters, and build the momentum of innovation and impact. He'll be joined by leaders from NASA, and General Motors Financial who will share their personal stories of reframing and problem solving. And then, Michael Lewis, best-selling author of numerous articles and books, including Moneyball and The Big Short, will explore the power of data to reveal the world's hidden nature and how smarter decision-making sets data visionaries apart.