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TIBCO Now: Limitless
Products Mashup: BusinessWorks, Flogo, & LiveApps for Mortgage Eligibility

Learn how to use the capabilities of the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform along with TIBCO LiveApps to reduce time to market. This session solves a real-life use case of calculating the EMI and mortgage eligibility for any financial institution and demonstrates:

  • An app that checks and informs an applicant if they are eligible for a mortgage and provides their EMI based on a few basic details
  • How, in just a few clicks, you can solve business problems using Javascript and Java with Flogo and BusinessWorks
  • How to integrate TIBCO LiveApps with TIBCO Flogo and TIBCO BusinessWorks
Products Mashup: Use FTL & BusinessWorks to Achieve Delivery Assurance

Using the capabilities of TIBCO FTL and TIBCO BusinessWorks to implement load-balancing and messages persistence, this session demonstrates how to solve a real-life use case of slow message processing. Learn how to:

  • Integrate TIBCO FTL & TIBCO BusinessWorks software
  • Use an integration application to solve business problems by applying service reliability and delivery assurance
  • Use the FTL content matcher, persistence, and shared durable features to achieve delivery assurance
TIBCO Cloud Integration: Product Knowledge Training

This session introduces you to the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform and demonstrates how to develop integration apps faster using its Connect (Scribe), Develop (Flogo), and Integrate (BusinessWorks) capabilities. Learn how it:

  • Supports a zero-code and API-first approach for the design of integration apps that run in the cloud
  • Offers various apps on a newly launched Marketplace and hosts various integration apps on its unified dashboard
  • Monitors hybrid applications in the TIBCO Cloud environment
TIBCO Messaging: Product Knowledge Training

This session introduces you to capabilities of TIBCO Messaging and open source messaging products along with lab demonstrations and provides:

  • An illustration of how to configure and use TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, FTL and eFTL software and Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Eclipse Mosquitto (MQTT)
  • A deep dive into high-performance messaging administration
  • An exploration of full-distributed and low-latency messaging using Apache Kafka and FTL software