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TIBCO Now: Limitless
ABN AMRO: Automating Processes for non-IT Professionals

Digitizing 150+ processes within two years seemed like an audacious goal requiring a different approach. Learn how ABN AMRO developed a unique process automation approach that empowered process engineers, who typically don’t have IT knowledge, to configure business processes themselves

Koch Industries: Democratizing Data across a Complex Enterprise

Hear how Koch’s EBX Master Data Management solution brought transparency and simplicity to its almost unbelievable complexity, and how it:

  • Designed autonomous data spaces for each business tenant
  • Enabled a shared data platform with shared tooling and support
  • Streamlined data sharing across enterprise tenants
Safaricom: Integration Journey & the Power of Now

Learn how TIBCO’s long-term partnership with Safaricom — Kenya’s largest telecommunications provider — has transformed the company through:

  • Support of new business cases to drive growth
  • The use an agile, low code platform to reduce time to market for new products
  • Superior, digital customer experience
Siemens Mobility: Trains run better on Data

Siemens Mobility (a leader in train system management) needed to provide fast, accurate insights to customers through its Railigent app. Real-time analytics for both IoT and legacy data was needed so that train components (often numbering 2,000/train) could be monitored and their performance measured to indicate the best times for preventive maintenance. This transformation included:

  • Collecting every piece of data possible, mostly via sensors at the edge – then cleans and prepares it for analysis
  • Automating corrective action and quick decision-making
  • Predicting failures, including using detection of tell-tale bearing vibration patterns
Apgar Consulting

Coming soon!

Automation: Enhance Your Critical Operations with Process Mining and Automation

Effective process optimization and transformation begins with an understanding of how processes work today. Join the TIBCO LABS Project Discover team to explore how process mining works to pinpoint processes best suited for automation by:

  • Ingesting application event logs from multiple sources using data virtualization
  • Analyzing data to identify prioritized automation opportunities
  • Visualizing scenarios to gain insights into the impact on your business
Bahwan Cybertek: Disruption-Proofing & Optimizing the Supply Chain Management Ecosystem

The supply chain management industry has been severely disrupted, with critical shocks impacting production, assets, logistics, costs, HSSE standards, and more. BCT's CueTrans Digital Supply Chain Management Suite empowers the entire SCM lifecycle & ecosystem using innovative technology—saving money, optimizing resource & production, removing down-time, valorizing assets, reducing order fulfillment time, tracking end-to-end process across the entire ecosystem, and reinforcing sustainability. Join our session to become limitless in Supply Chain Management with CueTrans, empowered by BCT.

CME Group: Sipping from the Firehose

For over 20 years, CME Group has used TIBCO Messaging—from TIBCO Rendezvous to TIBCO FTL software—for some of the highest performing enterprise messaging implementations in any industry. Come to hear how the two companies are collaborating to integrate the low latency TIBCO FTL multicast bus with Apache Pulsar to efficiently persist and distribute high speed data capture, and how CME Group:

  • Evaluated a more unified approach to messaging and stream processing
  • Rebuilt its rapid cache functionally to use native Apache Pulsar and Pulsar Functions to improve both capability and supportability
Cognizant: Hybrid Cloud Integration for a Global CPG Organization

Listen to the success story of how Cognizant and TIBCO help build responsive digital and cloud integration for one of the top global Foods and Beverages Organization, which embarks SAP S/4 HANA journey with a Global template at Scale on Microsoft Azure Cloud, where TIBCO APIs are built to connect multi-Cloud / enterprise applications in a secure, scalable, highly available, resilient, and extensible architecture that is foundational to business agility through DevOps and continuous integration, powered by Cognizant's best practices.

Data Quality: The Next Breakthrough in Data Integration

Data Quality (DQ) is at the forefront of your data integration efforts. Learn about TIBCO innovations and their effects, including:

  • DQ that impacts every role: business users, data stewards, and IT
  • AI that fully automates DQ detection, monitoring, and resolution
  • Orchestrated capabilities, not an isolated solution
Data Virtualization: Cutting-Edge Use Cases that Drive Strategic Business Value

Data Virtualization (DV) is helping to drive transformations within organizations and build modern, future-proof enterprises. In this session, discover the leading (and little known) use cases of DV, some of which may surprise you:

  • How DV helps to provide Data as a Service (DaaS) with new API capabilities
  • How Cloud Migration, an underpinning of most organizations today, can be powered and made possible with DV
  • How AI and ML are being embedded into every thread of an organization, works within the context of DV
Edge Computing: Discovering the Power of Computer Vision and IoT Analytics

When combined with advanced analytics, multiple, concurrent streams of data can produce unprecedented insights that promise to redefine the performance of many industries. The need for real-time decision-making requires the power of true edge computing to achieve the greatest impact. Join the TIBCO LABS team to see:

  • Integration of computer vision capabilities into IoT pipelines
  • Real-time analytics and machine learning at the edge
  • Practical use cases for multiple industries

Coming soon!

iSteer: Determining credit worthiness and make better decisions

iSteer's credit risk management solution powered with TIBCO Connected Intelligence enables financial organizations with analysis of credit risks, centralized risk parameters calculation, as well as continuous risk monitoring. Our solution using more data to provide an individualized credit score based on factors including current income, employment opportunity, recent credit history, and ability to learn in addition to older credit history. This allows banks and credit lending companies the ability to accurately assess each borrower or counterparty will default or become delinquent.

Loqate: The Power of Data Verification

Is your business data intelligent? Learn more about Loqate, and the power of our address verification, geocoding, email and phone validation solutions. Loqate is TIBCO's partner in Data Quality. Learn more about how our solutions enable you to accurately locate and communicate with your customers, suppliers and other mission-critical contacts. Loqate's VP of Channel Sales, Alan Cowan, will interview Dennis McLaughlin from the Product team and Mike Kennedy from the Engineering team at TIBCO to provide insights into our partnership and a look into the future of business data intelligence.

Practical AI in Action: Anomaly Detection and Pattern Classification

Finding patterns in big data is the key to solving complex challenges in many industries. TIBCO’s practical AI solutions for pattern recognition and anomaly detection are redefining operational workflows. Learn about:

  • Practical approaches to anomaly detection
  • Spotfire fast and accurate pattern identification
  • Training and deployment of data science models
  • Manufacturing quality case study
TechSoft International: Mediclinic International's Seven Year TIBCO EBX Journey

Mediclinic, a large international Healthcare company shares the story of their seven-year journey in making Data Management central to business operations across the enterprise, a feat many organisations can only aspire to.

TIBCO's EBX provided the multi-domain MDM platform and rich set of capabilities to deliver a variety of solutions with sizeable and measurable business impact.

TIBCO BPM Enterprise: Start Your Path to Digital Process Automation

This year, we’ve taken a major leap forward in enabling business users to use the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS to rapidly connect and automate their business processes and leverage numerous ready-to-use accelerators. Learn how to:

  • Streamline and automate business processes with the TIBCO iPaaS and TIBCO BPM Enterprise software and empower all types of users to participate in hyper-automation initiatives.
  • Containerize and move your enterprise BPM workloads natively to the cloud of your choice
TIBCO BusinessEvents: What's New

Discover the new capabilities in TIBCO Cloud Events and enterprise-class contextual event processing with TIBCO BusinessEvents 6 software. Learn about:

  • What's new, including flexible cluster, cache, and data storage options
  • Huge performance improvements
  • New monitoring options; and range of tools to address developer productivity
  • How TIBCO helps you build distributed, event-driven, real-time applications that solve difficult event-processing problems
TIBCO Cloud API Management: What's New

Discover all the new Mashery capabilities in TIBCO Cloud API Management to empower API managers and developers with a more seamless and collaborative experience in the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. Learn about:

  • The new developer friendly pipeline for inline proxy and orchestration
  • A revamped API modeler
  • An enhanced business analytics dashboard and new offerings on the Marketplace
TIBCO Cloud Integration & Messaging: Event Architecture with Pulsar and Kafka

Come see action-packed demos showing some of the powerful examples of how Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Project Flogo can be used to build the foundation for an event-driven architecture using open source technologies.

  • Gain insight into some of the benefits Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar bring to building an EDA
  • See how TIBCO Flogo can be used for the contextual decision-making needed for a truly real-time event- driven architecture
TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO BusinessWorks: What's New

Discover the latest innovations that the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform provides to accelerate digital connectivity and solve business challenges faster, including:

  • First class, zero-code automation capabilities
  • A completely new marketplace for self-service, in-app, connectors, and solutions
  • The powerful TIBCO BusinessWorks smart engine with updates for hybrid cloud execution stats, Maven/CI-CD, Java 11, and Eclipse
  • ML-powered data mapping and updates to TIBCO Flogo with a mapper refresh, stateful execution, and new flow-design capabilities
TIBCO Cloud Integration: Responsive Application Mesh in Action

Learn about how to transform your past integration and application investments into an agile, scalable, and resilient mesh architecture:

  • How you can build a responsive application mesh with integration, APIs, messaging, events, and automation technology from TIBCO
  • See a live end-to-end demo on how to start on your journey
  • Where to find numerous resources for transforming your current deployments
TIBCO Cloud Integration: Transform Your Digital Core with API-led Integration

Evolve your integration strategy to a more modern, API-led approach that seamlessly connects your digital core. Join this session on the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform’s end-to-end API development tooling and user experience to learn about:

  • How to best leverage the new features and capabilities such as Marketplace, service discovery/registry, inline proxies, and API analytics
  • How to successfully deploy across hybrid environments
  • Best practices from our customer implementations
TIBCO Cloud: Adapt Your Digital Enterprise and Accelerate Your Transformation

The TIBCO Cloud continues to rapidly evolve with more capabilities and features, including a new user experience, developer-friendly tools, and platform-wide services. Join this session to see the latest capabilities for:

  • Platform services
  • Strategies for driving even more value
  • How organizations are using it to innovate and digitize
TIBCO Data Science / Streaming: What's New

Discover new and upcoming features in TIBCO Data Science and Streaming products:

  • TIBCO Team Studio: More cloud data sources; integration with TIBCO Data Virtualization and more; autoML enhancements; Apache Spark 2.4 support; better UX; more operators
  • TIBCO Workbench / Statistica: Improved support for Spotfire; better performance; improvements to validated data entry capabilities, forms versioning, auditor roles
  • TIBCO Streaming: Dynamic learning to continuously re-adjust predictions based on new streaming data; new connections (commercial and open-source); Apache Kafka support/services
TIBCO Data Science Experts: Build A Predictive Model

There is always more to learn about predictive models. Attend this live session to tap into the knowledge of our experts, and see how they:

  • Build a predictive model
  • Use little known tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Answer your toughest questions on data science and modeling
TIBCO Data Virtualization: How Data Virtualization, BI, and Analytics Converge

Discover how data virtualization can up your BI and analytics game. You will learn how to bring together data management techniques that:

  • Enable real-time access to data from all sources
  • Provide valuable insights to improve your organization's predictions and adaptability
  • Allow your data engineering teams to deliver the datasets your analytics team requires, with the breakthrough speed and cost-effective operations your business demands
TIBCO Data Virtualization: Live and Democratized for All

Why should Data Virtualization be left only to the experts? Attend this live session to see how any business analyst can:

  • Use the TIBCO Data Virtualization software's web-based user interface to search for available data assets and sources using a data catalog
  • Create a self-service data flow to bring it in for analysis
  • Build a new report / view using this data
TIBCO Data Virtualization: Transform How You Access and Unleash the Power of Data

The world of data virtualization is ever-changing. We'll show you the latest and greatest TIBCO Data Virtualization capabilities, including:

  • How it now provides low-code, self-service access to virtualized data
  • How to get the most out of its new web-based search and cataloging capabilities
  • Data as a service (DaaS) features with new API capabilities
TIBCO Data Virtualization: What's New

Discover all the new -- and upcoming -- features of TIBCO Data Virtualization in this session. You will learn all the latest ways in which TIBCO Data Virtualization can break down data silos and empower you to create one data layer to access, combine, and provision all your data:

  • Allows business users to prep and transform data with a web-based UI
  • Enables users to view and find data sources with a searchable data catalog
  • Provides connectivity to Cloud data sources to embrace hybrid architectures
TIBCO EBX Experts: Building a Data Management Model

Take model-building in master data management to the next level. Attend this live session to tap into the knowledge of our experts and see them:

  • Build an MDM model on the fly
  • Demonstrate little known tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Answer your toughest questions about MDM and EBX software
TIBCO EBX: Innovations in Version 6 to Bring Scale and Speed to MDM Projects

Need better, faster data matching? How about more automation and smarter data mastering? See how we're innovating with the new EBX 6 engine so you can:

  • Index, match, and process of millions of records—a whole new level of scalability you've never experienced before
  • Query faster with a contemporary framework, powerful query optimizer, and SQL support
  • Take advantage of EBX 6 software’s smaller footprint and much optimized JAVA heap, for data processing executed at entirely new level!
TIBCO EBX: Migrating to EBX 6 Brings New Possibilities for Mastering Your Data

Migrating to EBX 6 software brings new possibilities for your MDM efforts and your business. In this session, we'll walk you through what you might be missing, and what's changed in the newest version of the product including:

  • Support for higher data volumes, less memory consumption, and a new query engine built on SQL standards
  • Relational mode automatically migrated to semantic mode, with all the benefits of both
  • Improved user experience and customizable user interfaces, including workflow models that are fully editable graphically
TIBCO EBX: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming features of TIBCO EBX software. Learn all the latest ways it addresses your master data management needs so you can better manage, govern, and share your data assets. Also:

  • EBX 6 highlights like new data processing engine
  • Simplified implementation and improved user experience
  • Extended integration and development API
TIBCO LABS: Power the Future with Technology and Open Source Projects

TIBCO LABS collaborates with digital innovators to apply the latest technologies to the toughest data challenges. This session provides an update on the capabilities, architectures, and use cases under development including:

  • Use of enterprise blockchain for track-and-trace, identity, and data security
  • Development of digital twins to represent devices, processes, and people
  • Inclusion of computer vision and analytics in edge computing
  • The evolving use of process mining, augmented reality, and more
TIBCO Messaging and BusinessWorks: Migrate from Your Data Center to the Cloud

Learn how to migrate your TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service workloads to TIBCO Cloud, including:

  • Best practices
  • Available tooling to support you
TIBCO Messaging: These Aren't the Robots You're Looking For!

TIBCO Messaging provides the foundation for communication and automation. Through a live demonstration using remote controlled robots and TIBCO's Cloud Messaging, learn about:

  • Cloud integration and automation
  • Signaling and automated controls
TIBCO Messaging: What’s New

Hear about all the exciting new functionality available in TIBCO Messaging and TIBCO Cloud Messaging to bring you up-to-date on all the latest tech, including:

  • TIBCO EMS on TIBCO Cloud
  • Improvements in monitoring and managing your Kafka and Pulsar environments


TIBCO ModelOps: Bring Scale & Ease to How You Deploy & Govern Analytical Models

Firms are spending more on data science, but deploying less of it. We’re fixing that. Our latest innovation, TIBCO ModelOps, helps data science models travel the last mile. Now you can deploy models from anywhere to anywhere with confidence and scale. Learn about ModelOps innovations, including:

  • AI/ML model management for models developed with any tool, any model, any format (including our competitors' tools!)
  • Data science analytics and dashboards for business users and operational dashboards
  • In the box with TIBCO Spotfire, Data Virtualization, and Streaming
TIBCO Omni-Gen: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming features of the TIBCO Omni-Gen solution. Learn all the ways it addresses your data governance and data quality (DQ) needs, including:

  • Automates how you create and run data integration pipelines
  • Creates governed data for consumption by other applications and enables DQ firewalls to standardize data handling
  • Facilitates efficient data integration, harmonization, and mastering to create a governed set of enterprise data. We'll also discuss native support for TIBCO modelOps making data science simple and approachable!
TIBCO Omni-HealthData: Taming the Torrent of Healthcare Data

Explore our vertical-specific data management and analytics solutions. This session: It's Healthcare! Organizations rely on TIBCO Omni-HealthData to:

  • Adopt a sustainable data strategy to unlock substantial value via automation and data science
  • Deliver incredible customer experiences in the post-pandemic era of virtual care and hyper-personalization by rapidly combining multiple data domains
  • Optimize resource utilization and streamline clinical operations by adopting emerging technologies at low cost
  • Accelerate value-based initiatives via meaningful data sharing with your partners
TIBCO Spotfire Experts: Create Analytic Applications

When integrating location data into interactive dashboards, what if you could significantly improve productivity and save time in your day-to-day? Attend this live session to tap into expert knowledge and see how they:

  • Build a Spotfire interactive visual application with geospatial analytics
  • Use little known tricks and techniques for location intelligence
  • Answer your toughest questions
TIBCO Spotfire: Innovate with Mods and Expand Your Visualization Possibilities

Attend this session if you are looking for simple ways to radically improve your Spotfire visualizations. Spotfire Mods, a lightweight Javascript extension framework, lets you create custom analytics applications rapidly, repeatedly, and at scale.

  • Get a tour of recently released Mods like the Sankey Chart, Word Cloud, Animated Bubble Chart, Area Chart, Spider Plot, and many more
  • Understand the framework used to create these highly immersive, fit-for-purpose visualizations and how you can adopt them
TIBCO Spotfire: Python Data Functions for Visual Data Science

Spotfire software makes it easier than ever before for anyone to add pre-built, pinnable Python workflows and democratize AI and ML. Join this session to:

  • Learn how to scale embedded data science output across your organization
  • Discover the latest community data functions
  • Explore how to use grab-and-go Python data functions
TIBCO Spotfire: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming enhancements for TIBCO Spotfire analytics. Discover the latest ways to democratize and scale out AI and ML, explore infinite customizability with Mods, and access any data. Highlights include:

  • The latest stunning, innovative visualizations, like the “box-olin” and “Hans Rosling” Mods
  • AI and ML model operationalization in just a few clicks
  • New connectivity and cloud options
TIBCO Streaming: Power Up Your Spotfire Insights with Real-time Data

TIBCO is a long-time leader in streaming and real-time analytics for a good reason. Learn about the new patents & innovations and easier ways to work with streaming data:

  • New, patent-pending dynamic learning lets you continuously re-adjust predictions based on new streaming data so you can learn from the stream, not the lake
  • The latest streaming Spotfire Mods and accelerators, including the Industrial IoT Accelerator and Next Best Action
  • Common use cases and best practices for real-time streaming analytics
TIBCO Tech: Streaming & Spotfire to Analyze Tweets in Real Time

Large-scale streaming data presents a huge challenge for smarter decision-making. This session uses Twitter feeds to illustrate the combined power of Spotfire and TIBCO Streaming. See how to:

  • Integrate TIBCO Streaming with Spotfire
  • Fetch, filter, and publish Tweets
  • Apply business logic to find insight and actions
TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Cloud Integration & API Management to Manage APIs

Agility is a key trait of digitally transformed organizations. Moving quickly from conception to go-live requires both vision and command of API-led integration. This session features TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Cloud BusinessWorks, and TIBCO API Management in combination and demonstrates how to:

  • Identify and solve practical business problems by combining capabilities
  • Model, manage, and deploy APIs and applications to the cloud
TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Data Visualization to Unify Varied Data Sources

The growth of data volumes and complexity is conspiring against our desires to make faster, smarter decisions. Data virtualization allows data-centric organizations to intelligently combine, transform, and use disparate data more effectively. This practical session focuses on real-life virtualization use cases including:

  • Capturing real time RESTful data from TIBCO Streaming and Apache Kafka
  • Combining and virtualizing data from any source
  • Integrating complementary TIBCO products to solve real-life business use cases
TIBCO WebFOCUS: Discover the New Experience in Authoring Content

See the new user experience in the WebFOCUS platform that we're calling the Hub! Learn how the new authoring experience lets you rapidly create collections of responsive pages, pull content from multiple sources and formats, and:

  • Personalize your authoring experience including filtering, styling, application development, and advanced reporting
  • Author and assemble multiple data layers in the creation of charts and visualizations
  • Enable end users to gain insights from their data using embedded data science
TIBCO WebFOCUS: What's New

Discover the new and upcoming features of the TIBCO WebFOCUS solution. Learn all the new ways it provides enterprise-grade BI and analytics, including:

  • Enhancements to authoring and assembly capabilities, like filtering, styling, reporting, and app development—and the new Hub designed to give you a personalized experience
  • How to operationalize and use AI/ML for your data prep, content creation, and collaboration needs
  • The managed cloud offering and containerized deployment options to meet your enterprise-wide scaling needs
Visual Data Science in Action: Cool Tools for Insight Discovery and Deployment

The lingua franca of data scientists is Python, with its extensive data prep and ML packages, developer community, SDK, and API interfaces. Along with their R and JavaScript capabilities for (geo)analytics and their interactive data visualizations, TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science Python capabilities are extensive. Learn about:

  • Spotfire Python and R engines and data functions for visual data science and analytic apps
  • The TIBCO Data Science Team Studio ability to combine point-click workflows with Python and R notebooks
  • Spotfire MODS for extending the graphics palette
We Thrive as One: A Discussion on Diversity with Lewis Hamilton

Join seven-time F1 Champion, Lewis Hamilton and TIBCO CEO, Dan Streetman for the extended version of their discussion on diversity within technology and motorsport, plus the general awareness of the challenges individuals and organizations can overcome. Key topics of discussion include:

  • Lewis Hamilton's personal story about diversity and inclusion in life and throughout his career in motorsport.
  • The voices in and outside of motorsport fighting for increased diversity and inclusion for underrepresented groups.
  • The actions and commitments from leaders like Lewis Hamilton and Dan Streetman, that are essential to fueling change.
Wipro: Accelerate the rollout of Digital Integration Platforms with DIaaS

One of the key current goals of Integration Leaders is to consolidate all of the Integration capabilities in their enterprise, augment them with additional capabilities and rollout a shared-services Digital Integration Platform. Wipro's DIaaS helps Integration organizations to accelerate the rollout of such a platform. DIaaS provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire Hybrid Integration landscape and provides self-service tools for environment provisioning, governance and monitoring to help federated Integration delivery teams to utilize the services of the platform.