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TIBCO Now: Limitless
TIBCO Data Science / Streaming: What's New

Discover new and upcoming features in TIBCO Data Science and Streaming products:

  • TIBCO Team Studio: More cloud data sources; integration with TIBCO Data Virtualization and more; autoML enhancements; Apache Spark 2.4 support; better UX; more operators
  • TIBCO Workbench / Statistica: Improved support for Spotfire; better performance; improvements to validated data entry capabilities, forms versioning, auditor roles
  • TIBCO Streaming: Dynamic learning to continuously re-adjust predictions based on new streaming data; new connections (commercial and open-source); Apache Kafka support/services
TIBCO Data Science Experts: Build A Predictive Model

There is always more to learn about predictive models. Attend this live session to tap into the knowledge of our experts, and see how they:

  • Build a predictive model
  • Use little known tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Answer your toughest questions on data science and modeling
TIBCO ModelOps: Bring Scale & Ease to How You Deploy & Govern Analytical Models

Firms are spending more on data science, but deploying less of it. We’re fixing that. Our latest innovation, TIBCO ModelOps, helps data science models travel the last mile. Now you can deploy models from anywhere to anywhere with confidence and scale. Learn about ModelOps innovations, including:

  • AI/ML model management for models developed with any tool, any model, any format (including our competitors' tools!)
  • Data science analytics and dashboards for business users and operational dashboards
  • In the box with TIBCO Spotfire, Data Virtualization, and Streaming
TIBCO Spotfire Experts: Create Analytic Applications

When integrating location data into interactive dashboards, what if you could significantly improve productivity and save time in your day-to-day? Attend this live session to tap into expert knowledge and see how they:

  • Build a Spotfire interactive visual application with geospatial analytics
  • Use little known tricks and techniques for location intelligence
  • Answer your toughest questions
TIBCO Spotfire: Innovate with Mods and Expand Your Visualization Possibilities

Attend this session if you are looking for simple ways to radically improve your Spotfire visualizations. Spotfire Mods, a lightweight Javascript extension framework, lets you create custom analytics applications rapidly, repeatedly, and at scale.

  • Get a tour of recently released Mods like the Sankey Chart, Word Cloud, Animated Bubble Chart, Area Chart, Spider Plot, and many more
  • Understand the framework used to create these highly immersive, fit-for-purpose visualizations and how you can adopt them
TIBCO Spotfire: Python Data Functions for Visual Data Science

Spotfire software makes it easier than ever before for anyone to add pre-built, pinnable Python workflows and democratize AI and ML. Join this session to:

  • Learn how to scale embedded data science output across your organization
  • Discover the latest community data functions
  • Explore how to use grab-and-go Python data functions
TIBCO Spotfire: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming enhancements for TIBCO Spotfire analytics. Discover the latest ways to democratize and scale out AI and ML, explore infinite customizability with Mods, and access any data. Highlights include:

  • The latest stunning, innovative visualizations, like the “box-olin” and “Hans Rosling” Mods
  • AI and ML model operationalization in just a few clicks
  • New connectivity and cloud options
TIBCO Streaming: Power Up Your Spotfire Insights with Real-time Data

TIBCO is a long-time leader in streaming and real-time analytics for a good reason. Learn about the new patents & innovations and easier ways to work with streaming data:

  • New, patent-pending dynamic learning lets you continuously re-adjust predictions based on new streaming data so you can learn from the stream, not the lake
  • The latest streaming Spotfire Mods and accelerators, including the Industrial IoT Accelerator and Next Best Action
  • Common use cases and best practices for real-time streaming analytics
TIBCO WebFOCUS: Discover the New Experience in Authoring Content

See the new user experience in the WebFOCUS platform that we're calling the Hub! Learn how the new authoring experience lets you rapidly create collections of responsive pages, pull content from multiple sources and formats, and:

  • Personalize your authoring experience including filtering, styling, application development, and advanced reporting
  • Author and assemble multiple data layers in the creation of charts and visualizations
  • Enable end users to gain insights from their data using embedded data science
TIBCO WebFOCUS: What's New

Discover the new and upcoming features of the TIBCO WebFOCUS solution. Learn all the new ways it provides enterprise-grade BI and analytics, including:

  • Enhancements to authoring and assembly capabilities, like filtering, styling, reporting, and app development—and the new Hub designed to give you a personalized experience
  • How to operationalize and use AI/ML for your data prep, content creation, and collaboration needs
  • The managed cloud offering and containerized deployment options to meet your enterprise-wide scaling needs