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TIBCO Now: Limitless
ABN AMRO: Automating Processes for non-IT Professionals

Digitizing 150+ processes within two years seemed like an audacious goal requiring a different approach. Learn how ABN AMRO developed a unique process automation approach that empowered process engineers, who typically don’t have IT knowledge, to configure business processes themselves

Bahwan Cybertek: Disruption-Proofing & Optimizing the Supply Chain Management Ecosystem

The supply chain management industry has been severely disrupted, with critical shocks impacting production, assets, logistics, costs, HSSE standards, and more. BCT's CueTrans Digital Supply Chain Management Suite empowers the entire SCM lifecycle & ecosystem using innovative technology—saving money, optimizing resource & production, removing down-time, valorizing assets, reducing order fulfillment time, tracking end-to-end process across the entire ecosystem, and reinforcing sustainability. Join our session to become limitless in Supply Chain Management with CueTrans, empowered by BCT.

CME Group: Sipping from the Firehose

For over 20 years, CME Group has used TIBCO Messaging—from TIBCO Rendezvous to TIBCO FTL software—for some of the highest performing enterprise messaging implementations in any industry. Come to hear how the two companies are collaborating to integrate the low latency TIBCO FTL multicast bus with Apache Pulsar to efficiently persist and distribute high speed data capture, and how CME Group:

  • Evaluated a more unified approach to messaging and stream processing
  • Rebuilt its rapid cache functionally to use native Apache Pulsar and Pulsar Functions to improve both capability and supportability
TIBCO BPM Enterprise: Start Your Path to Digital Process Automation

This year, we’ve taken a major leap forward in enabling business users to use the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS to rapidly connect and automate their business processes and leverage numerous ready-to-use accelerators. Learn how to:

  • Streamline and automate business processes with the TIBCO iPaaS and TIBCO BPM Enterprise software and empower all types of users to participate in hyper-automation initiatives.
  • Containerize and move your enterprise BPM workloads natively to the cloud of your choice
TIBCO BusinessEvents: What's New

Discover the new capabilities in TIBCO Cloud Events and enterprise-class contextual event processing with TIBCO BusinessEvents 6 software. Learn about:

  • What's new, including flexible cluster, cache, and data storage options
  • Huge performance improvements
  • New monitoring options; and range of tools to address developer productivity
  • How TIBCO helps you build distributed, event-driven, real-time applications that solve difficult event-processing problems
TIBCO Cloud API Management: What's New

Discover all the new Mashery capabilities in TIBCO Cloud API Management to empower API managers and developers with a more seamless and collaborative experience in the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. Learn about:

  • The new developer friendly pipeline for inline proxy and orchestration
  • A revamped API modeler
  • An enhanced business analytics dashboard and new offerings on the Marketplace
TIBCO Cloud Integration & Messaging: Event Architecture with Pulsar and Kafka

Come see action-packed demos showing some of the powerful examples of how Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Project Flogo can be used to build the foundation for an event-driven architecture using open source technologies.

  • Gain insight into some of the benefits Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar bring to building an EDA
  • See how TIBCO Flogo can be used for the contextual decision-making needed for a truly real-time event- driven architecture
TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO BusinessWorks: What's New

Discover the latest innovations that the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform provides to accelerate digital connectivity and solve business challenges faster, including:

  • First class, zero-code automation capabilities
  • A completely new marketplace for self-service, in-app, connectors, and solutions
  • The powerful TIBCO BusinessWorks smart engine with updates for hybrid cloud execution stats, Maven/CI-CD, Java 11, and Eclipse
  • ML-powered data mapping and updates to TIBCO Flogo with a mapper refresh, stateful execution, and new flow-design capabilities
TIBCO Cloud Integration: Responsive Application Mesh in Action

Learn about how to transform your past integration and application investments into an agile, scalable, and resilient mesh architecture:

  • How you can build a responsive application mesh with integration, APIs, messaging, events, and automation technology from TIBCO
  • See a live end-to-end demo on how to start on your journey
  • Where to find numerous resources for transforming your current deployments
TIBCO Cloud Integration: Transform Your Digital Core with API-led Integration

Evolve your integration strategy to a more modern, API-led approach that seamlessly connects your digital core. Join this session on the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform’s end-to-end API development tooling and user experience to learn about:

  • How to best leverage the new features and capabilities such as Marketplace, service discovery/registry, inline proxies, and API analytics
  • How to successfully deploy across hybrid environments
  • Best practices from our customer implementations
TIBCO Messaging and BusinessWorks: Migrate from Your Data Center to the Cloud

Learn how to migrate your TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service workloads to TIBCO Cloud, including:

  • Best practices
  • Available tooling to support you
TIBCO Messaging: These Aren't the Robots You're Looking For!

TIBCO Messaging provides the foundation for communication and automation. Through a live demonstration using remote controlled robots and TIBCO's Cloud Messaging, learn about:

  • Cloud integration and automation
  • Signaling and automated controls
TIBCO Messaging: What’s New

Hear about all the exciting new functionality available in TIBCO Messaging and TIBCO Cloud Messaging to bring you up-to-date on all the latest tech, including:

  • TIBCO EMS on TIBCO Cloud
  • Improvements in monitoring and managing your Kafka and Pulsar environments


Wipro: Accelerate the rollout of Digital Integration Platforms with DIaaS

One of the key current goals of Integration Leaders is to consolidate all of the Integration capabilities in their enterprise, augment them with additional capabilities and rollout a shared-services Digital Integration Platform. Wipro's DIaaS helps Integration organizations to accelerate the rollout of such a platform. DIaaS provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire Hybrid Integration landscape and provides self-service tools for environment provisioning, governance and monitoring to help federated Integration delivery teams to utilize the services of the platform.