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Loqate: The Power of Data Verification

Is your business data intelligent? Learn more about Loqate, and the power of our address verification, geocoding, email and phone validation solutions. Loqate is TIBCO's partner in Data Quality. Learn more about how our solutions enable you to accurately locate and communicate with your customers, suppliers and other mission-critical contacts. Loqate's VP of Channel Sales, Alan Cowan, will interview Dennis McLaughlin from the Product team and Mike Kennedy from the Engineering team at TIBCO to provide insights into our partnership and a look into the future of business data intelligence.

TIBCO Data Virtualization: How Data Virtualization, BI, and Analytics Converge

Discover how data virtualization can up your BI and analytics game. You will learn how to bring together data management techniques that:

  • Enable real-time access to data from all sources
  • Provide valuable insights to improve your organization's predictions and adaptability
  • Allow your data engineering teams to deliver the datasets your analytics team requires, with the breakthrough speed and cost-effective operations your business demands
TIBCO Data Virtualization: Live and Democratized for All

Why should Data Virtualization be left only to the experts? Attend this live session to see how any business analyst can:

  • Use the TIBCO Data Virtualization software's web-based user interface to search for available data assets and sources using a data catalog
  • Create a self-service data flow to bring it in for analysis
  • Build a new report / view using this data
TIBCO Data Virtualization: Transform How You Access and Unleash the Power of Data

The world of data virtualization is ever-changing. We'll show you the latest and greatest TIBCO Data Virtualization capabilities, including:

  • How it now provides low-code, self-service access to virtualized data
  • How to get the most out of its new web-based search and cataloging capabilities
  • Data as a service (DaaS) features with new API capabilities
TIBCO Data Virtualization: What's New

Discover all the new -- and upcoming -- features of TIBCO Data Virtualization in this session. You will learn all the latest ways in which TIBCO Data Virtualization can break down data silos and empower you to create one data layer to access, combine, and provision all your data:

  • Allows business users to prep and transform data with a web-based UI
  • Enables users to view and find data sources with a searchable data catalog
  • Provides connectivity to Cloud data sources to embrace hybrid architectures
TIBCO EBX Experts: Building a Data Management Model

Take model-building in master data management to the next level. Attend this live session to tap into the knowledge of our experts and see them:

  • Build an MDM model on the fly
  • Demonstrate little known tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Answer your toughest questions about MDM and EBX software
TIBCO EBX: Innovations in Version 6 to Bring Scale and Speed to MDM Projects

Need better, faster data matching? How about more automation and smarter data mastering? See how we're innovating with the new EBX 6 engine so you can:

  • Index, match, and process of millions of records—a whole new level of scalability you've never experienced before
  • Query faster with a contemporary framework, powerful query optimizer, and SQL support
  • Take advantage of EBX 6 software’s smaller footprint and much optimized JAVA heap, for data processing executed at entirely new level!
TIBCO EBX: Migrating to EBX 6 Brings New Possibilities for Mastering Your Data

Migrating to EBX 6 software brings new possibilities for your MDM efforts and your business. In this session, we'll walk you through what you might be missing, and what's changed in the newest version of the product including:

  • Support for higher data volumes, less memory consumption, and a new query engine built on SQL standards
  • Relational mode automatically migrated to semantic mode, with all the benefits of both
  • Improved user experience and customizable user interfaces, including workflow models that are fully editable graphically
TIBCO EBX: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming features of TIBCO EBX software. Learn all the latest ways it addresses your master data management needs so you can better manage, govern, and share your data assets. Also:

  • EBX 6 highlights like new data processing engine
  • Simplified implementation and improved user experience
  • Extended integration and development API
TIBCO Omni-Gen: What's New

Discover all the new and upcoming features of the TIBCO Omni-Gen solution. Learn all the ways it addresses your data governance and data quality (DQ) needs, including:

  • Automates how you create and run data integration pipelines
  • Creates governed data for consumption by other applications and enables DQ firewalls to standardize data handling
  • Facilitates efficient data integration, harmonization, and mastering to create a governed set of enterprise data. We'll also discuss native support for TIBCO modelOps making data science simple and approachable!
TIBCO Omni-HealthData: Taming the Torrent of Healthcare Data

Explore our vertical-specific data management and analytics solutions. This session: It's Healthcare! Organizations rely on TIBCO Omni-HealthData to:

  • Adopt a sustainable data strategy to unlock substantial value via automation and data science
  • Deliver incredible customer experiences in the post-pandemic era of virtual care and hyper-personalization by rapidly combining multiple data domains
  • Optimize resource utilization and streamline clinical operations by adopting emerging technologies at low cost
  • Accelerate value-based initiatives via meaningful data sharing with your partners