Over the course of four days, TIBCO NOW will stream keynote and breakout content geared towards your interests in your time zone. To see what’s happening within each track and timing for each day, click on a city closest to your time zone and select from one of the track tabs below. For more details on the agenda including networking sessions, download the regional agenda at the bottom of the page.

* Agenda subject to change

  • Connect
  • Unify
  • Predict

The Connect premium track explores the requirements and capabilities of a modern, agile, and responsive digital core. Seamlessly integrate any application, device, or data source for greater business agility.

Attendees of the Unify premium track will discover how to effectively manage all their data to adapt quickly and accelerate growth. Take a holistic data management approach to break down silos and support any data demand with expert tips and tricks.

Over two half-days, TIBCO NOW will provide TIBCO leadership perspectives, the latest updates and releases of TIBCO flagship technologies, compelling stories from TIBCO customers, and discussions with some of the world’s most captivating thinkers and doers on the limitless potential of data, data science, and imagination for our collective future. 

In the Predict premium track, hear from experts on how to enable faster, smarter decision-making with immersive analytics. Prepare for the future with real-time and AI-powered insights to gain a competitive edge.

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